Hi, I’m Zoe Owl.

Zoë Owl is a psychologist mental-health specialist with a career spanning decades of international clinical research, teaching and mentorship to a wide variety of audiences. She is an experienced and academically published mental health practitioner in working with people with dual-diagnosis (combined mental health and substance misuse and abuse/addiction issues).

Specifically, her mentorship of women coming from domestically abusive backgrounds, led her to receiving a Team London Award from the U.K. Prime Minister, Mr Boris Johnson, who was then the London Mayor. This prestigious award was for using initiative and making an outstanding impact upon changing the lives of women, coming from adverse life circumstances.

Zoë is a registered psychologist and counselling therapist working both online, and at a Surrey-based health practice. Her career aim is to help people become who they wish to be, ridding themselves of any unwanted negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and ideas of who they have been in the past. To emerge as their healthy, whole self with self-approval, self-love, worthiness and satisfaction in life and hope for the future. Zoe bridges her clinical expertise with the integrated Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit complementary therapies which allows her to work holistically with her clients when required.