We offer a 30 day and a 100-day programme to women who want to go alcohol free.

It takes 66 days for a new habit to be formed. We know through research and from our community that 100 days is a sweet spot for when alcohol free starts to feel like a lifestyle as opposed to a battle.

If you’re serious about sobriety being your long-term goals, then our 100-day programme is the ultimate way to get you there. Maybe 100 days feels too overwhelming. Maybe you’re sober curious or of late you’ve been feeling less than your best self both physically and mentally and you want a reboot. Then why not try our 30-day challenge as a great way to do just that or to kick start your alcohol-free journey.

The 30-day challenge is designed that you can extend seamlessly in to the 100-day journey if you decide that you wish to continue. Our programme is designed to educate, inspire, motivate and support you all the way. We will give you the toolkit required to succeed so you can find what works for you and take those practices with you for life.

30-day prgramme FREE 100-days £49 / Limited time only *Normal Price £165

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1. Join the sober community for FREE!

  • Join our sober community where you can make new friends, be accountable, learn tips, take part in weekly group zoom calls and take part in sober events and meet ups.

1. Join our 100 day guided alcohol free wellness program

£ 59
  • If your serious about exploring a life without alcohol then this is the program for you. It takes on average 66 days to form a new habit so you can be sure you will have cemented the habits needed to provide a great foundation for your sober future

2. 30 Day kick start program

£ 0
00 Month
  • Sober Curious? Perhaps you want to focus on wellness for 30 days and see how it goes? This program will take you on a 30 day journey which you can extend to 100 days.

Female Health & Wellness

As women we experience a number of female specific health implications and we often feel alone in our experiences or fail to get the help and support we need. Quite often, it’s a lack of knowledge which contributes to us brushing things under the carpet and not dealing with things and as such our health both physical and mental can start to suffer. Our GP and hormone health specialist will shine a light on some of the different areas which we should be aware of and how we can maximise our health as women.

Find Your Tribe

This is a common saying right now but it’s so important! Being part of a likeminded community, supporting one another in a mutual purpose, feeling a part of something on our journey is key to success. So many of us fear the social exclusion of no longer drinking alcohol and the potential of a diminished friendship group through lack of understanding. Here you will mee and develop new friendships through a common desire to be the best versions of yourself now and forever. The Totiuss online community is always on hand and you will have access to zoom socials and live events and meet-ups.