About Us

The name Totiuss, pronounced toe-tee-us is derived from the Latin word Totius which means ‘whole’ or ‘the whole body’. 

Carmela, one of the co-founders of Totiuss struggled with alcohol related issues her whole life.  As a child she was impacted by the destructive effects of alcohol and in not so later life she developed her own negative relationship with alcohol, which directly affected her own family. 

After a friends Breast Cancer diagnosis, she started to consider her own lifestyle choices and embarked on her journey to sobriety.  After years of trying to moderate, then subsequent attempts to completely abstain from alcohol which always ended up with her going back to drinking, Carmela has now been sober since 23rd July 2020.Understanding just how deep-rooted people’s issues are around drinking, both biologically and societally and knowing that there is no one easy fix, she recognised a need to create a holistic approach to helping people navigate the many challenges faced when striving to remove alcohol from their routines.

With so many factors at play, which are even more apparent when distinguishing the sexes, it felt appropriate to design a programme specifically for women to take a deeper delve in to the mental, physical and societal challenges faced by women and to create a safe space for open sharing and support

Meet the Team


Zoe Owl


Sarah Hanratty


Dr Hannah Watson

GP & Female Health Specialist

Christine Holdsworth

Yoga & Meditation

Calum Kitscha


We are always looking to work with new and exciting people. If you want to contribute please drop us a line at hello@totiuss.com