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Want to ditch the booze for January and give your health the body and mind overhaul it deserves?


We’ve got you!

Take a break from alcohol this January and kick start 2023 as a healthier happier you!

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Then Totiuss Alcohol Free January body and mind overhaul is for you!

Totiuss is a unique 360 wellness programme which is delivered to you daily through written and video content to guide you through your journey one day at a time.

Choosing sobriety even for a month can be tough but the rewards are endless. As women we face so many unique challenges when it comes to achieving this and many of us struggle to exercise, eat properly and take time for ourselves which is so important, especially when taking on such a challenge!

What we cover

Here’s what you’ll get if you sign up to the Totiuss Alcohol Free January Challenge

Alcohol and Mental Health Coaching

Our resident psychologist and highly qualified alcohol and mental health coach will navigate you through the programme by encouraging you to explore your own behaviours around drinking and identifying triggers.

She will help you to reframe the patterns and loops that aren’t best serving you and holding you back. You will be guided through different therapeutic techniques and lifestyle changes to combat poor mental health and coached on goal setting for the future.

Find Your Tribe

Being part of a likeminded community, supporting one another in a mutual purpose, feeling a part of something on our journey is key to success. So many of us fear the social exclusion of no longer drinking alcohol and the potential of a diminished friendship group through lack of understanding.

Here you will meet and develop new friendships through a common desire to be the best versions of yourself now and forever. The Totiuss online community is always on hand and in addition, you will have access to zoom socials and live events and meet-ups.

Female Health & Wellness

As women we experience a number of female specific health implications and we often feel alone in our experiences or fail to get the help and support we need. Quite often, it’s a lack of knowledge which contributes to us brushing things under the carpet and not dealing with things and as such our health both physical and mental can start to suffer.

Our GP and female health specialist will shine a light on some of the different areas which we should be aware of and how we can optimise our health as women.

Carefully Designed Diet Plan

Your digestive system produces over 90% of all serotonin in your body. Adopting a gut friendly diet and lifestyle will directly impact your brain to improve your mood, increase your energy levels, reduce anxiety and depression, and will have you thinking more clearly!

Our expert nutritionist has developed a plan to manage your cravings and blood sugar balance as you remove alcohol from your routine and will focus on combating the issues we face around hormone imbalance to manage stress, fatigue and strengthen your immune system.

Progressive Workouts

The act of physical activity increases serotonin, helping your brain to regulate mood, sleep and appetite. It’s impact on reducing stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression are scientifically proven.

Our fitness expert has developed a workout plan which has been designed for you to be able to complete from the comfort of your own home and with minimal equipment. Workouts will build in intensity as you move through the programme.

Yoga and Meditation

The positive effects on mind and body from practicing yoga and meditation regularly have been well studied and documented. Yoga is considered one of the best treatments for anxiety, depression and stress related conditions such as high blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues such as IBS and even heart disease.

Our yoga expert has designed a yoga and meditation programme which outline ways of being in order to live a happy, healthy and balanced life.

Let’s Sum It Up.

Sign up to the Totiuss Alcohol Free January Challenge for FREE and receive an expert-led, 1 month holistic journey; for a mind, body and soul overhaul, to help kick start you to a healthier, happier you!

The challenge will start on the 1st January with an intro day to get you started which will include a live Zoom Social with Totiuss founder, Carmela.

  • Alcohol and Mental Health Coaching from our resident Psychologist
  • Progresive Workouts from our resident PT
  • Yoga Videos and Audio Meditations from our Yoga and Mindfulness Expert
  • Diet Plan, Recipes and Nutritional Advice from our resident Nutritionist
  • Female Health and Hormone expertise from our resident GP and Female Health Specialist
  • Alcohol Free Inspired Articles
  • Community forum of like minded women
  • Weekly Zoom Socials with Totiuss Founder Carmela

Start your journey to a healthier and happier you this January!


Next Steps


FREE registration for the Alcohol Free January Challenge closes on the 30th December but spaces are strictly limited so secure your space today!

We have helped hundreds of women like you to start their Alcohol-Free journey.

Here is what just some of them have to say…

Danielle B


“This was just what I needed after knowing for some time my relationship with alcohol had become more of a negative than a positive in my life. I feel like I have more control and confidence.”

Rachel R


“Having the group for support has been amazing, the way in which we have all supported each other through our up and down days has been great and has kept me going.”

Jo M


“A safe space to explore my relationship with alcohol, be able to find myself first and learn what our society does not teach women about health and wellbeing when it comes to life in the 21st century.”

Michelle F


“A modern approach to sobriety for women. Traditional support models were not attractive to me and do not fit with modern society and the UKs drinking culture which is unfortunately stigmatised. This programme is inclusive, engaging and educational”

Lisa T


“Such a great programme. Lots covered, and always someone on hand if you need a chat. The group is so supportive.”

Jaz S


“Absolute game changer. My perspective has been changed immeasurably”

Rani R


“Since starting the programme my general wellbeing has increased and I feel myself becoming happier and more stable in my approach to family, friends and life.”

Melissa D


“I’m waking up in the morning well rested and ready to go. My memory recall has noticeably improved. My productivity has increased significantly.”

Ashley O


‘’I have no regrets. Waking up with a clear head each day has been amazing.”

Charlotte S


‘’This program gives women an alternative to other known support groups which may not resonate when they come to wanting to remove or to take a break from alcohol.’’

Harpreet K


“This is the break I needed to start enjoying my weekends again and still feeling great on Monday!”

Michelle T


‘A community of likeminded women with a different backstory interwoven with alcohol coaching, health, mind-set and mindfulness. How could you not be interested?’