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Welcome to the Totiuss 100 day programme.  It’s time to begin your journey towards a healthier body and a happier mind!  We hope you are looking forward to getting started!

From now, each day you will be drip fed your daily content.  Remember that the exercise and yoga is optional, but we encourage you to give it a try as exercise will give you focus and get those endorphins flowing!  The more you put into your time on the programme, the more you will get out of it!  Everything is optional, we are providing you with the tools, it’s up to you to find the ones that work for you. All we ask is that you do not drink for the duration of the programme.

Some days may feel tough, these are the times you need to be reaching out to the community or us for support!  If you are wobbling contact a member of the team by emailing carmela@totiuss.com – You are not alone!

Below you can access the programme supporting materials.  Wherever possible we want to encourage sustainability and all the materials are designed to be filled in on-line, avoiding the need to print if possible.


  •       Recipe book,  shopping list and 10-day example eating plan – Download here
  •       Alcohol and Mental Health Workbook which can be filled in online – Download here
  •       Journal which can be filled in online – Download here

Please note that due to file size, these will need to be downloaded via desk top or laptops and not mobile devices.  Journals and workbooks are also designed to be edited on desktop & laptops and not mobile devices.


If you have any concerns at all, whether it is safe for you to reduce or stop your alcohol intake, do not proceed until you have spoken with your doctor.

Withdrawal symptoms can be very dangerous please seek medical assistance immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms:

delirium tremens (DTs)
excessive sweating.

At the time of signing up, you agreed to the terms set out in our medical disclaimer. You can find a copy of this here.

The Programme

The following information was included in your information pack but we have also included it here for easy access:

As you know this is a holistic programme with four key elements: – NutritionFitnessYoga & Meditation and an Alcohol Free and Mental Health Awareness Course.  We want to provide you with some detail around each of these elements, so you know what to expect.  Please take the time to read through them.  The course will be drip fed to you each day to keep you on track and motivated.

The programme is set out for you in segments of 10 days which we refer to as SPRINTS.  Each day you will gain access to that day’s content which will always include a meditation.


Calum is a trained PT and he’s our only guy on the team and he is passionate about helping women achieve health and confidence through fitness!  You will be given three workouts across each Sprint which collectively will work all areas of the body – UPPER BODY BLAST | LOWER BODY BLITZ | FAB ABS.  Each workout consists of two parts – a basic and a level up workout if you want to push that bit harder.  The workouts are progressive as you move through the programme increasing in intensity.

Workouts are delivered in written format which will list the moves and contain instructions.  The supporting videos are short clips demonstrating the moves in the correct form.

Designed to be completed with ease from home, equipment is kept to a minimum.  You will need,

  •       Edge of a chair or sofa
  •       Resistance bands (purchased easily from Amazon or any sports shop LONG RUBBER RESISTANCE BAND of medium resistance and the SHORT RUBBER RESISTANCE BANDS normally will come in a pack of 4/5 and give you a range of resistance levels.
  •       Exercise Mat

A useful FREE APP to download would be TABATA – this is good for pre-setting time alerts for some of the workouts.

Before you get started on your fitness journey with Calum on day 2, please take a few minutes to get acquainted with Calum as he explains some important information.


It’s important to ensure you are properly warmed up before undertaking physical exercise. Below is a video from our fitness expert Calum that may be used as your warm up and cool down but feel free to do your own if you feel confident to do so.


Christine is our yoga and meditation expert, and she will be taking you on a journey through guided yoga flows and meditations.  You will have three yoga flow videos per Sprint and these will last approx. 30 minutes.

You will need,

  •       Exercise Mat
  •       Yoga blocks (optional)
For more detail and a demonstration on the equipment required please watch the below video from Christine


Each sprint you will have 2 meditations to practice.  The first 5 days you will repeat one meditation, the second 5 days you will practice a new one and these will be made accessible to you every day when you log in to the programme.


Sarah, founder of The Brain Food Clinic has studied extensively, the role of how what we eat affects how we feel and function not only physically but mentally.  As women, we have so many factors at play that affect our mood, stress levels and coping capabilities and if we don’t take measures to nourish ourselves in the right way, this can have serious implications on both our physical and mental health.

Across the course of the programme, Sarah will be looking at different health areas and educating us for a better understanding of how we can manage various symptoms through nutrition to optimise our wellbeing.

You will be given advice and new recipes every sprint in addition to the 10 day plan and recipe book provided.


Zoe is our programme psychologist.  Before you embark on the course that Zoe has created, we want to point out some factors which we feel are important for us to take on board, as individuals.

Some of you may be here as you feel that alcohol is really impacting on your life in a negative way and you want to either take a break from it, reassess your drinking habits, in order to moderate and some of you will be looking for the support in starting your life of sobriety.  Some of you may just be sober curious.

We are all on our own journey and our individual relationships with alcohol will sit on a spectrum.  Without one-to-one intervention, it is impossible to tailor the programme to meet any one person’s specific needs.

We have chosen to take an approach which is clinically driven and can be quite hard hitting in some areas but also takes a holistic approach in addressing mind, body and spirit.  And although we do not believe in putting labels on anyone, the words alcoholism and alcoholic are terms which are used throughout the programme as the most severe cases of alcohol use disorder (AUD).  The Course will be delivered across video and written, and you have your workbook to support your journey.

There is so much more to the programme which you will discover, and we can’t wait for you to get started.  If at any time you have any questions, you can email us at hello@totiuss.com and we will respond to you within 24 hours.