Hi, I’m Christine.

Hi, I’m Christine. I’m a Yoga & Meditation teacher based in London with a passion for creating a space where you can explore the healing connection of your mind, body & spirit. At a time in my life where I was struggling mentally and physically, yoga became my salvation. I was living in an external perspective driven world, where my choices, actions and thoughts came from unconscious habits and conditionings. In this place I found it incredibly hard to find true happiness, peace, and a sense of self worth. At my lowest point I made the decision to dedicate & devote more time to exploring yoga and with this I began to notice subtle shifts that built a greater sense of connection to myself, and this expanded the connection with life all around me in a new light. Years on here I am, and I am so excited to be helping you on this journey. My aim is to help guide you to a deeper connection and understanding of yourself, through the embodied, loving and empowering practices I am devoted to teach you throughout this 100 day programme. In a world where there are so many external distractions and influences, it is easy to become disconnected from our ourselves. We can lose the natural ability to listen to ourselves, notice how we feel and what our inner world needs. I believe when we connect with our bodies we unlock immense freedom in our minds, which heightens the ability to listen to ourselves, trust our authenticity and begin to feel more empowered in our daily lives, ultimately helping us make better choices for ourselves and finding deep happiness. I cant wait to guide you through this explorative and journey and be a apart of your incredible transformation throughout the 100 days.