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Whether you’re sober curious, want to take a break from booze or committed to wanting to go alcohol free then you’re in the right place.

“Absolute game changer. My perspective has been changed immeasurably”


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We’re about more than just ditching the booze!

If you’re looking to be taken on a journey of self-discovery then you are in the right place. Our programme covers alcohol and mental health coaching, female wellness, fitness, meditation, yoga and nutrition, allowing you to pick and choose what compliments your alcohol-free journey. Our member community is a safe space for women to explore sobriety and make new friends.

Best of all, our unique 30 day and 100-day programme has been carefully curated by a team of experts including our resident GP and Female Health Specialist, Psychologist, Nutritionist, Fitness Coach and Yoga and Mindfulness Practitioner, to ensure we deliver you a holistic mind and body experience.

Looking to change your relationship with alcohol?
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Imagine waking up hangover free, how much more productive you’ll be. No more wasted days!


Quitting the booze is proven to improve symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Improved sleep and no hangovers will see you more energised and focussed


The calories in alcohol are high and drinking leads to eating the wrong things. You may find that you start to lose inches!


Alcohol dehydrates the skin and causes wrinkles! Cut it out and see the improvements!


Cut out alcohol and cut your risks of developing cancers, high blood pressure and heart disease and much more!

‘’After the stress of Covid-19 and lockdowns, I felt that my mental health and body needed a reboot. I needed to focus on my physical and mental health so decided to try Totiuss as it offers a holistic approach which is really important to me. The Totiuss program has been incredible. The group motivation, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness programme have really helped give me the reboot I felt I needed.’’